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DUI Defense

If you have been arrested for DUI, our office is prepared to defend you in court against DUI charges and to help restore your driver's license with the DMV.  Our attorneys represent DUI clients in San Jose, Palo Alto, Morgan Hill, Fremont, Pleasanton, and Oakland courthouses.  We invite you to contact our office, and have your case reviewed by a DUI defense attorney.  

Restraining Order Attorneys

If you have been served with a restraining order, you need the advice of an experienced attorney who can protect you in court. Restraining orders can have very serious implications, and deserves a serious defense.  Even a temporary restraining order can jeopardize your freedom of movement, and your Second Amendment rights. You will breathe easier knowing that you have an experienced trial lawyer at your side.   

Business Services

We understand the business, financial, and legal dimensions of technology and software matters.  Our aim is to resolve licensing issues as quickly and efficiently as possible so our clients can stay focused on growing their businesses.  We represent consultants, developers and software purchasers in Silicon Valley and across the San Francisco Bay Area.