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Welcome to our San Jose domestic violence attorney information page. The Bay Area Law Center is proud to serve all residents of San Jose. San Jose has become one of the fastest growing areas in Silicon Valley. Whether you live in Downtown San Jose, East Side San Jose, North San Jose, or as far as South San Jose, it is important that you are represented by an experienced attorney.  Your defense attorney will help protect your freedom, and your clean criminal record. These are essential in order to maintain your reputation, and keep your job.  

Domestic Violence Defense Experts

Generally speaking, the Santa Clara DA’s office is filing misdemeanor domestic violence charges against San Jose residents at an alarming rate. Our San Jose domestic violence attorneys all have jury trial experience in San Jose criminal courts. We prepare the strongest defense possible and negotiate hard to get you the best result possible in your domestic violence case.

We have handled domestic violence matters at the misdemeanor and felony legals at various stages of the case. Whether your case is at arraignment, settlement negotiations, litigating a protective order, or working with investigators in preparation for trial – we are familiar with all issues involved in domestic violence criminal cases.  

In order to obtain the best outcome for your case, it is critical to get the best representation from a San Jose domestic violence attorney. Losing a DV criminal case can affect your child visitation rights, child support orders, and your ability to possess a firearm. Don’t walk into court alone and risk your legal rights. Get the best domestic violence attorney on your side immediately.

We work hard to build a solid case in favor of our clients.  With this in mind, our office works with the finest investigators in San Jose. The investigation team thoroughly investigates each case to present your side of the story.      

The Bay Area Law Center offers free consultations with an experienced domestic violence defense attorney at its San Jose office. Please use the contact form to schedule an appointment.

If you have been arrested or think you may be arrested soon, it is critical that you speak to a domestic violence defense attorney immediately at (408) 816-2311.