How to find the best drunk driving defense attorney

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How to Find the Best DUI Defense Attorney

The following holds true if you’re looking for a criminal or drunk driving defense attorney in San Jose, or any other city in California. The most effective way to find the best attorney is to ask him or her the following questions.

Ask how many jury trials they’ve had. Criminal law involves heavy trial work. Taking a case to jury trial verdict provides attorneys with unparalleled experience in understanding evidence, risk management, and case evaluation skills.

Ask how they would handle the details of your case. A good defense attorney should be able to formulate a game plan according to the facts of your case. There could be an evidence suppression issue, a recanting witness testimony issue, an identity issue, rising blood alcohol issue, alcohol test equipment calibration issue, time of driving issue, or a myriad of possible problems with the prosecution’s case. The best defense attorneys identify and attack weaknesses in the case against you.

Ask about experience they’ve had working as a police officer, prosecutor, or a public defender. A large part of an effective defense attorney is knowing the inner workings of the criminal justice system. Experience in the courtroom that your case will be held in is also important. After all, a good attorney knows the law. A great attorney knows the judge.

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