Software Security Policies

typing on laptopWhat a Data Security Attorney Should Include in an Internal Software Security Policy

In order to comply with the law, and to protect your business against data losses, companies should adopt and enforce adequate data security policies.  Our data security attorneys advise companies on specific security policies to address specific data use procedures. 

Because each business is unique, and gathers different types of information for different purposes, a data security attorney will advise your company to take specific actions.  But, in general, these policies are generally applicable to most businesses:

  • Limit the time that you retain customer data and destroy the data completely. Monitor and control access to your systems that contain customer data.
  • Conduct regular audits of all devices, software, servers, routers, wireless devices, and switches. Ensure that all configurations are secure and network ports and services are limited and monitored.  Also ensure that boundaries are maintained, and secured areas cannot be breached.
  • Employ basic internet use, and email attachment policies that restrict employees from downloading suspicious files, or engaging in conduct that would expose the business to becoming susceptible to attack.
  • Invest in proper website security, and internal network security. Point of sale systems are especially attractive targets for criminals seeking to steal credit card information.
  •  Post and employ a posted internal data protection and recovery policy that adequately protects the business’ trade secrets, customer data.
  • Enforce perimeter security.  The most sophisticated network security equipment is useless if it is sitting behind an unlocked door.
  • Monitor threats from inside as well as outside during enterprise-wide risk assessments.  If the company is developing software, it should use extra caution for inside threats during the software development cycle and develop an insider incident response plan.
  • Train your IT department on company policy and the law.
  • Establish an internal point of contact to whom a suspected or reported security breach can be reported – preferably an attorney, and the Chief of IT.

Again, your software and data security attorney will work with you to create a set of policies and procedures uniquely suited for your company.