Palo Alto Domestic Violence Defense Attorney – Helping to get your case dropped or reduced

Welcom to the Palo Alto domestic violence attorney information page. The Bay Area Law Center is proud to serve people in Palo Alto that are facing a domestic violence charge. Don’t go into the courtroom alone!  Equally important, you should work with an experienced Palo Alto domestic violence defense attorney that has been defending people in Palo Alto courtrooms for years.  Make sure you protect your money and your freedom. 

Usually, only people related by family, romantic relationships are subject to domestic violence charges. Palo Alto judges can order domestic violence defendants with stay away orders, jail time, and anger management classes. Equally important, a domestic violence restraining order can negatively affect child visitation, and your Second Amendment rights.

For the most part, judges hear Palo Alto domestic violence hearings in the Grant Street Courthouse in Palo Alto. Most of the time, these hearings are heard in Department 84.    

The Bay Area Law Center offers free consultations with an attorney at its San Jose office, just a few minutes south of Palo Alto.

Please use the contact form to schedule an office visit, or request that an attorney call you back. Our firm offers affordable monthly payment plans. Speak to a domestic violence  defense attorney today at (408) 816-2311.