Clean your criminal record 

A criminal record can prevent you from finding a job.  Because of this, it seems like a clean criminal record is required to get hired today. The legal professionals at the Bay Area Law Center can help you clear your criminal record.  A motion for criminal record clearance will reopen the case, and dismiss the charges.  Finally, California Penal Code §1203.4 specifically provides relief from penalties after a conviction. 

Especially relevant to this issue, California Penal Code §1203.4(a), states that the Court shall dismiss charges after the defendant completes probation.  The law also states that the Court may dismiss the charges if doing so will further the interests of justice. Therefore, if you have completed probation, you may be entitled to a clean criminal record.

What Documents are in a Motion to Clear a Criminal Record

Generally speaking, a motion for a criminal record clearance contains:

1) Motion to Expunge Criminal Record, 

2) Points and Authorities in Support of Motion to Expunge Criminal Record, and

3) Declaration in Support of Motion to Expunge Criminal Record

First, the Court Clerk sets a date for the Court to hear oral arguments. On that date, the District Attorney’s Office and Probation Office may oppose the record clearance.  Especially relevant, the attorneys at the Bay Area Law Center are experienced in criminal record clearance hearings. As a result, we have an excellent track record at arguing against the opposition.

Criminal record clearance services start at $500.

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