Cases at the Gale-Schenone Hall of Justice

Pleasanton CourthouseCases at the Pleasanton Gale-Schenone Hall of Justice

As DUI defense and criminal defense attorneys in the Bay Area, we find ourselves at the Pleasanton Gale-Schenone Courthouse very often.

Quick entry. This courthouse has one of the fastest entries in all of California.  Even at peak times, you can get to your court room in under ten minutes.  Even the parking is great with plenty of spaces. 

On time, on point. The DUI and misdemeanor criminal arraignment calendar starts on time, and has no sympathy for being late, or being sloppy dressed.  Defendants have been removed from court for wearing shorts or tank tops.  Putting the judge in a bad mood affects everyone, and makes it difficult to show that you are a law abiding citizen if you don’t follow the dress rules in court.  

Judge calls the calendar.  This is a rare event in California courts.  Generally, the clerk or the defense attorneys will ask the judge to call a particular case.  In the Pleasanton courthouse, the judge will call and hear the case when the judge is ready to hear it – making early preparation that much more important. 

Defendant present.  The Pleasanton courthouse is unique in that judges often require that the defendant be present during certain court hearings such as DUI pleas.    

The Pleasanton court calendars are not very long – generally only about two or three hours.  Pretrial conferences are often done in a conference room with a deputy District Attorney. There may be a conference in judge’s chambers between defense counsel and the prosecutor. As far as Alameda County judges are concerned, they tend to be harsher on drug offenders, and lighter on first time DUI cases.