General Counsel Support and Sales Support Attorneys

Increase your company’s contract throughput and with a contract support attorney. If your General Counsel is overwhelmed, contact our office and have one of our attorneys get the work done.  Most of all, we aim to push deals forward, protect business interests, enforce company policies, and increase revenue.

We offer support for:

  • In-house attorneys
  • Business Operations,
  • Product Development Teams; and
  • Sales Teams 

Examples of the legal services and advice we provide include:

  • Redlining agreements 
  • Negotiating contracts with opposing counsel
  • Litigation support services
  • Drafting cease and desist notices 
  • Open source software issues
  • Third party software component agreement issues
  • Privacy, information security, and cloud issues
  • Support for in house counsel in reviewing agreements, especially during end of quarter crunch times
    • Consulting for end of life, support, and software license metrics changes.
    • Updates to software licenses. If there is a change of business structure that affects the license agreement between your company and the users of the software, we will help align the language of the contract with the new business model.
    • We also work closely with the software development team to ensure that the contract comports with the all the contracts.
    • We also provide legal advice to your business operations team to ensure that contractual duties and obligations are met.

Sales Support Attorneys

When your company’s General Counsel is overwhelmed with inbound and outbound licensing agreements, or sales contracts, an attorney from our sales support attorneys will step in to help carry the workload. We will review the sales contracts and quickly advise the stakeholders on the benefits and risks of each agreement.

Our office will edit, redline, and negotiate terms with opposing counsel to secure the business and close the deal. 

Data and Software Licensing Monetization Attorneys 

We can help your company capitalize on your data and software by structuring your software license to meet your company’s financial goals and sales structure.  Working with an attorney to craft your monetization, and licensing policies can help put your company in the best financial and legal position.

Speak with an attorney to discuss your legal needs at (408) 816-2311.