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Every member of our team has spent many hours polishing their professional skills and earning a unique experience in legal representation.  We enjoy representing and guiding clients through the process of their case from start to its end.

We don’t just represent clients in DUI and criminal cases – we aim to make our clients wealthy and free.

Electronic Communications. In order to keep our prices low, this office utilizes electronic communications whenever practicable. In addition to saving time and money, our email, video conferencing, and Voip telephone systems also save ecological resources by limiting paper waste, and fuel used by sitting in traffic. Office appointments are available to our clients pursuant to the fee agreement.

Court Resources. Recently, California’s Court system suffered drastic budget cuts. In order to manage our practice with the Court’s stretched resources, our attorneys ensure that Court time and Clerk efforts are used sparingly and wisely.

Client Resources. Your time, and your resources are important to us. The Bay Area Law Center seeks to provide the best representation at the best price. By using technology, and efficient case resolution strategies, we are able to provide our clients the best results in the fastest time possible.

Second Chances. At the Bay Area Law Center, we believe in the power of second chances. A conviction should not be life sentence. People make mistakes, but once the sentence is served, people should be able to move on. Getting a conviction, a guilty plea, or a no-contest plea off of your record can make an incredible positive impact on your life.

Preventing Future Problems. One of the goals of the Bay Area Law Center is to make our clients’ lives better. In order to achieve this goal, sometimes it is necessary to address the source of the issue. Some sources are: alcohol and drug abuse, unhealthy relationships, associating with dangerous people, anger and violence issues, and mental health. Accordingly, we encourage our clients to address these and other catalysts that created the legal issue in the first place. The BALC is pleased to represent you when times could be better, but we are happiest when our clients improve their lives and make the Bay Area a better place to live. 

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